Dental & Implantology Instruments » Tooth Extracting Forceps|(amr)

Incisors and Bicuspids 1 border=

Incisors and Bicuspids 1FI-3111

Henahan Incisors 1A  border=

Henahan Incisors 1A FI-3112

Molars and third molars 10S  border=

Molars and third molars 10S FI-3113

Molars 15 border=

Molars 15FI-3114

Molars 16 border=

Molars 16FI-3115

Molars , Slender Jaw border=

Molars , Slender JawFI-3116

Molars 17  border=

Molars 17 FI-3117

Harris Molars , left 18L border=

Harris Molars , left 18LFI-3118

Harris Molars , Right 18R border=

Harris Molars , Right 18RFI-3119

Molars border=


Parmly Molars and bicuspids 32  border=

Parmly Molars and bicuspids 32 FI-3121

Parmly Molars and Bicuspids , Roots 32A  border=

Parmly Molars and Bicuspids , RootsFI-3122

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