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Fremde International


Fremde International (Pvt) Ltd. has been a leading force in the surgical, dental, beauty, Orthopedic, veterinay and Electrosurgical Instruments and hollow ware industry for over 28 years. We have an excellent reputation for distributing and selling a wide range of surgical, dental, beauty instruments and hollow ware.

Fremde International (Pvt) Ltd. was founded as manufacturers and exporters of surgical, dental, beauty, Orthopedic, veterinay and Electrosurgical Instruments and hollow ware. We are dedicated to servicing and supplying the world's demanding medical professionals with a complete line of highly quality surgical, dental, beauty instruments and hollow ware at competitive prices.

All Fremde International manufacturing plants are ISO 9001:2000 certified in conjunction with US cGMP compliance regulations and CE Marking.

 Fremde International (Pvt) Ltd. offering the following additional complete lines of instruments.


We are self-reliant manufacturer equipping with all in the house production processes, right from raw material to end user applying the most modern and latest technology.


Our goal at is Fremde International (Pvt) Ltd. to continue providing the highest quality products and services to all respected clients all over the world.

 All kind of Surgical, Dental ,Dental Implants instruments and Orthopedice Implant & Instruments  since 1995.

We offer best quality reasonable prices and in short delivery time, Our Company is CE MARK certified.

we are already serving and supplying our products to world wide Companies, Doctors, Clinics, Hospitals,

Distributors, Wholesalers and Dealers.

We invite to all peoples to joint hand with us and make their business more profitable with us.




We complete almost all manufacturing processes within our facilities which means that “No compromise on quality of the instruments in any criteria”. Following are some of the processes that are completed within the manufacturing plants.


The Company has its own forging section where Forgings for proper instruments/devices are made through Drop Forging Hammers by qualified & skilled workers using Dyes made of the best-quality D-2 Steel. The forgings later are put through the process of overall / ring trimming, and acid cleaning / pickling by those well versed in these processes.

Our Milling / Machining section have best quality and imported Milling/Grinding Machines which are operated by the well-trained experts for good milling of the Scissors, ratchets, serration teeth, box cutting, and for all other related processes for ensuring exact perfection before filing. For this, top-quality imported cutters are used. The process of filing is carried out again by the trained professionals to ensure high standard of exactitude and precision.

Heat Treatment:
We have our own ( Vacuum Furnace ) Heat Treatment Department where qualified & trained staff are engaged to give treatment to instruments for furtherance of quality.

Electro-Polishing & Grinding:
The Electro-Polishing and the Grinding Departments are also manned by skilled & trained workmen using the imported chemicals and the grinding wheels to ensure the best-quality finish.

Tungsten Carbide:
Our T.C Department is installed with the best-quality imported machinery being manned by the exceptionally well-trained experts using the German Technology.

Using the top-quality imported chemical in our Passivation Department we passivate and boil test each and every instrument before packing, subjecting every piece to 24-hour treatment, and if need to be re-passivation process so as to eliminate any chances of rusting / Corrosion etc.

For sandblasting our instruments, we use the machines as well as the best quality sandblasting material, which are operated by skilled & well trained operators.

The Stamping / Etching process is carried out by the soundly trained experts to match the world standards.


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